Sunday, June 03, 2007

This is the part where you say, "I don't even know you."

So..I'm hoping to update a little more often here but who knows what I'll feel like now that I'm going to be working. On the personal front, Exploding Fetus played a show about in Toledo at Mickey Finn's Pub. It went well as far as I could tell. Some people liked it, some considered it "psychedelic."

Now, for a feature I'm hoping to have weekly: a list of the different albums, bands, and songs I've been digging on this week. Lately I've been in a weird mood and have really mostly listened to black metal, doom metal and pop-punk. Weird combo I know but hey, it works for me. So without further stalling, here is what I've been digging on this week.

Monarch!- 666, Hell, and Dead Men Tell No Tales 2xCD--- First off, if you haven't heard Monarch! (yes, the ! is needed) well, I'm sorry for your soul. It seems like every band on Myspace that Exploding Fetus feels is good has them as a friend and so should you. Crushing doom with vocals that should terrify you. If they don't you're lying to yourself. The best part? Those vocals are provided by a small French woman. Yes..this woman is very pretty and very petite and yet she summons these demonic vocals that most men would have a hard time performing. "666" and "Hell" are available in one release which you can buy from Crucial Blast Records along with the just released "Dead Men Tell No Tales". "Dead Men Tell No Tales" is a CD collection of two of their recent LPs that are very out of print by now. I just got word they're trying to get a small east-coast tour set up for this winter so check them out.

The Unlovables- Heartsickle-- Do you like pop-punk? Do you like female vocals? Then get this damn album already. Easily one of the best pop-punk albums I've heard in recent years. Nothing is as good as "Feelin' All Emo (Since I Broke Up With You)" but that's ok. I mean, that song's one of my favorite pop-punk songs of all time. Seriously, anyone who considers themselves a pop-punk fan needs this. I got it and listened to it about 4 times that day.

V/A- Pop Punk's Not Dead comp.- Oh my fucking God! You need this. Your grandma needs this. Your mom needs this. 30 great pop-punk songs from some bands you know (The Queers, Squirtgun, Teenage Bottlerocket) and some bands you need to know (The Ergs!, The Unlovables, The Manges). I must say, I was really into this track by the Last Chucks. It reminded me of an old Green Day song or even an early Ataris song.

Mayhem- Ordo Ad Chao-- Wow!..I didn't know Mayhem had it in them but here we have an amazing true Black Metal album. Ultra low-fi recording with great vocals from Attila. If you liked "De Mysterious...." you should check this out as its the best thing they've done since.

Sunn0)))- Oracle--ok This is a leaked copy but what the hell, it's amazing. At first I said "Wait, I want Black 2," but after listening I realized it was damn close to "Black 2." There's some cool vocals over top this rumbling droney doom sound and it really gives off a great claustrophobic feeling when listening to it at full volume, which honestly is the only way. Remember :Maximum Volume Yields Maximum Results!


RadioBirdman said...
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emily said...

zach sucks
the unlovables do not

Corey Whompus said...

have you heard the new ben weasel album. i would describe it as solid and then call that an understatement.